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The Marxist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna says it will re-negotiate the US$ 567 mn structural loan facility with the IMF, when it comes to power next month.
The IMFs concessionary loan package endash the largest ever granted to Sri Lanka last April endash was to be disbursed in equal tranches of US$ 81 mn over a three-year period.
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rnThe second tranche was due last December, but a delayed budget, which was sparked off due to the ongoing political crisis, prompted the IMF to put off the decision till next month. rn

rnThe Fund has expressed doubts about the continuing political instability, which would have an impact on the governments 2004 budget proposals.rn

rnOne of the key pledges made by the government to the IMF under the reform agenda was to introduce the Revenue Authority, streamline the tax regime and collection this year.rn

rnAnother, was an asset management company bill to takeover the dud loans of state banks, mostly Peoples Bank.rn

rnThe JVP says some of the conditions such as labo

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