Country at Crossroads

Broader and deeper structural reforms in the last two years gave the economy a boost together with progress in peace talks.Central bank governor A S Jayawardene told LBR in an interview that the resilient Lankan economy could post double the current growth if permanent peace is achieved.

Following are excerpts of the interview.rn

Shamindra Kulamannage: How well do you think the economy has reacted to recent reforms?rn

rnA. S. Jayawardene: Last year the economy did well. Because the world economy did well and as a trading nation we benefited. This year too the world economy should do well. It could have been better. rnIn our view we have done well. There is also a very broad based growth. In the last 7, 8 years there has been a broadbased growth endash across the board- in all sectors. rnIt also benefited from the peace process-the ceasefire that made a lot of people to do economic activities.rn

rnSK: You have mentioned ldblquote high quality growth
dblquote in the Annual Report. What do you

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