Courting The Beauty

Talk about beauty culture and you think of stuff like hair dos and make up. That is pretty much all that most salons in the city offer anyway.
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But a few are breaking this convention, giving some really wild and wacky offerings.
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They are also managing to draw in a whole new set of clients who are willing to spend some serious money to make a statement.
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rnAll that festive colour could really be dull compared to the latest fashion craze sweeping the city.rn

rnHundreds of people are getting under the blades to get rather expensive and permanent fashion statements in tattoos.rn

rnAnd what is more those expensive tattoos can be done in the comfort of state of the art and hygienic facility, provided you have what it takes to go through it. rn

rnThese impressive fashion statements however come with stiff price tags. A small permanent tattoo could set you back a whopping Rs.

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8000. rn

rnThe stiff price tag is partly due to the huge investment.

The promoters of Mister Pierce Studios, the st

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