Creative Fusion

Sept 25 (LBO) – Sri Lankan song writers and other artistes are hoping a new licensing and royalty scheme being drawn up will help protect their creative work and prop up earnings.

Local artistes have banded together to form ˜collective societies™, on the lines of similar groups in the United Kingdom, to represent the rights of Sri Lankan artists.

These societies will issue licenses for copyright material and collect royalties, monitor the broadcasting and use of copyright material, as well as resolving infringement issues.

These collective societies will act on behalf of the artiste and enter into agreement with parties such as broadcasting stations, talent committees and even companies who deal in music over the internet, Bobby Boteju, Director of the Sri Lanka Performing Rights Society, told LBO in an interview.

The proposed scheme will cover music, lyrics, performances, photographs and even websites, acting on behalf of all members in the collective society, Boteju explained.

Any television or radio station or broadcaster wanting to use the creative material for commercial purposes, will have to apply for a licence and pay a tariff for each br

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