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Credit Trends

Feb 27, 2012 (LBO) - Loans to business from Sri Lanka's commercial banks rose 34.5 percent to 2,005.9 billion rupees in the year to December 2011, with credit to the state hitting a new monthly high, official data showed.
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Credit to business in December remained at a high 60.2 billion rupees in December 2011, slightly lower than the 63.2 billion rupees in November but state credit hit a new high of 52.
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9 billion rupees up from 32.1 billion rupees a month earlier.

Combined credit to both the state and private citizens and business hit a new high of 111.50 billion rupees in the month, up from a previous high of 95.3 billion rupees in November, Central Bank data showed.

In the year to December credit to state enterprises rose 57 billion rupees, up 37 percent to 198.

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5 billion rupees.

Credit to state enterprises fell in the first quarter with good rains which improved finances of state-run electricity board. From May credit to state enterprises rose 77.8 billion rupees.

Credit to the central government rose 206.

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4 billion rupees to 833.6 billion rupees up 32.9 percent from a year earlier.

Credit to the state from the banking

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