Cricket: ICC backs ‘principles’ behind cricket shake-up

LONDON, January 28, 2014 (AFP) – World cricket was set for a shake-up after the International Cricket Council gave “unanimous support” for “principles” to change its structure and governance. Leaked draft proposals from the sport’s most financially powerful ‘Big Three’ nations argued for more power to be placed in the hands of India, England and Australia.

But Tuesday’s statement, following the first of a two-day ICC meeting at its Dubai headquarters, ruled out talk of the ‘Big Three’ being spared relegation in any new two-division Test set-up because of their commercial importance.

It even indicated the likes of Ireland might join the existing 10 Test nations but without any details.
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“There will be an opportunity for all Members to play all formats of cricket on merit, with participation based on meritocracy; no immunity to any country, and no change to membership status,” the ICC statement said.

But the statement was clear in signalling the end of the proposed World Test Championship.

Its delayed launch was supposed to happen in England in 2017.

But instead it has been replaced by the reprieved one-day Champions Trophy, a more commercial and broadcast-friendly

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