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Cross Country

policy on international voice gateway licensing issued last week will set the stage for more operators to enter the fray.
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rnThe consultant draft on international voice gateway licensing was released last week, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) now calling for public opinion for the policy. rn

rnNew licences will be technology neutral and will not specify minimum service quality standards, allowing operators to use any solution including Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). rn

rnTen year licences will be priced at US$ 50,000 and an annual fee of 0.3 per cent of turnover. rn

rnOther recommendations include opening up the international voice gateway operations to firms both with telecom networks and without. rn

rnOperators without telecom networks will have the right to supply international call services to end users of any telecom operator and use existing networks to terminate and generate international calls.rn

rnNew licensees will not be allowed to offer local call services or

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