Crouching Tiger

Sri Lankas elusive Tamil Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran is not a candidate at next weeks elections, but he could end up calling the shots in parliament.
Prabhakaran, 49, has for the first time openly backed candidates from the Tamil minority and was about to clinch political clout at the April 2 vote when his military might was bruised by a renegade rebel.rn

rn The shy school dropout is known as a ruthless leader who wipes out any challenge to his authority, with a ultra-loyal band of band of suicide bombers ready to do his will.rn

rn But he has yet to move against his deputy V. Muralitharan, known as Karuna, who led a breakaway faction with a third of the guerrilla force earlier this month, and is instead watching the polls.rn

rn Political analysts as well as diplomats here believe that is because his Tiger proxies could end up holding the balance of power in a situation where the majority Sinhalese community is divided down the middle.rn

rn “The Indians and the US did not want m

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