Cutting Cables

The telecom regulator on Monday lent an ear to the industries woes with Sri Lanka Telecoms (SLT) international bandwidth operations.
The hearing follows the industries cries over SLTs tariffs for international bandwidth and the access restriction to its cable landing operations. rn

rnThe Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) is now leading an investigation into the allegations. rn

rnLeading allegations include the high tariffs imposed by SLT for international bandwidth and the discrimination between Board of Investment (BOI) approved and non BOI companies. rn

rnThe charge for a 2MB connection stands at US $ 7,000 for BOI approved operators while others are charged US $ 12,000. rn

rnOperators are calling for a lower or similar fee for non BOI operators. rn

rnHowever, SLTs Head of International Mahinda Herath says the tariffs are the lowest in the region and have been approved by the TRC in 2001. rn

rnTRC officials say they will now evaluate all submissions and expect to make a ruli