Cyber Charge

SINGAPORE, June 01, 2013 (AFP) – US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Saturday accused Beijing of involvement in cyber espionage against Washington in a speech at a Singapore security forum attended by Chinese military officials. China kept up a steady campaign of hacking in 2012 that included attempts to target US government computer networks, which could provide Beijing a better insight into America’s policy deliberations and military capabilities, it said.
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“China is using its computer network exploitation (CNE) capability to support intelligence collection against the US diplomatic, economic, and defense industrial base sectors that support US national defense programs,” said the report.

The report marked the most explicit statement yet from the United States that it believes China’s cyber spying is focused on the US government as well as American corporations. Stepping up US pressure on China over electronic espionage ahead of a summit between their leaders next week, Hagel pointedly blamed the Chinese government and military for repeated intrusions into sensitive US information systems.

“The United States has expressed our concerns about the growing threat of cyber intrusions, some of which appear to be tied to

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