Daraz reinvents: A new perspective for SL’s e-commerce

Daraz is entering a new phase of its journey towards creating exceptional user experiences and developing a digitized ecosystem. Embarking on an exciting initiative to relaunch its brand, Daraz hopes to reaffirm its position in the lives of e-commerce users across the region. Alongside tech leaders across the globe, Daraz hopes to add a new perspective to the role of e-commerce in day-to-day life, evolving and adapting to suit the demands of today’s world.

Multinational companies across the globe rebrand for several reasons inclusive of, but not limited to the need to target a different audience, to improve brand consistency and to differentiate from the competition. Accordingly, Daraz too is undergoing a rebranding initiative, aiming to revolutionize the e-commerce user experience. With the dawn of this new era, Daraz promises a more exploratory and personalized experience, focusing on creating experiences, not just selling products. Furthermore, Daraz will ensure quality services and products while creating new avenues of entertainment and engagement.

This evolution of Daraz will facilitate a streamlined customer experience, taking customers exactly where they want to go, via the Daraz app. As a tech-centric brand, Daraz hopes to change the lives of its users while living up to its brand promises of making experiences personal, delivering on its promises, continuously innovating and nurturing a generosity of spirit.

Daraz Group raised the bar in 2021, with record-breaking statistics across the board. The engagement of over 100,000 SME sellers coupled with 70 million active users in November resulted in a consistent 100% year-on-year growth in orders. With the accelerated digitization brought about by the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, undeniable opportunities for growth presented themselves.

Through the extensive investment of efforts and resources in Sri Lanka, Daraz has grown from strength to strength. Daraz has heavily invested in the education and training of its employees and the SMEs that utilise it as a platform through the Daraz University. In addition, Daraz has showcased its focus on uplifting communities within Sri Lanka by providing education and community support via Daraz Cares. This initiative has supported countless communities across Sri Lanka.

While uplifting communities through the power of e-commerce, Daraz assures an exciting new age with enhanced user and seller experiences. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting initiative by Daraz!

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