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DeepSphere.AI and 10QBIT announce partnership to promote Sri Lanka as AI innovation and talent hub

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DeepSphere.AI, led by the esteemed AI expert Jothi Periasamy, and
10QBIT under the leadership of UK-based technopreneur Sanj Chandran, have announced a monumental partnership. Facilitated by the innovation ecosystem AQCELLOR, this alliance aims to position Sri Lanka as a leading hub for AI, R&D, and innovation.

Sanj Chandran, Founder and CEO of 10QBIT, shares his excitement: "This partnership is a transformative step for Sri Lanka's technological landscape. At 10QBIT, we are passionate about revolutionising businesses, healthcare in particular, through data-driven solutions.

Collaborating with DeepSphere.AI will allow us to extend our impact further, integrating AI into various business processes and setting a new standard in the industry."

DeepSphere.AI Founder and Chief Data Scientist Jothi Periasamy adds, "We are on the brink of a technological transformation in Sri Lanka. DeepSphere.AI's expertise in SaaS-based generative AI and our commitment to education and training is a key factor in this partnership.

We are dedicated to cultivating a new generation of top-tier AI and data science professionals, who will contribute to making Sri Lanka a global hub for AI research and development."

The partnership will kick off on December 15, when Periasamy will conduct a program on ‘The Values and Benefits of Generative AI for Business’, where he will present use cases on implementation of AI in healthcare, retail, and education. Hosted by Aqcellor, the exclusive event will be held at the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka

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