Dialog & Ideamart launch NB-IoT Development Board to accelerate innovations


Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider, and Ideamart, a platform for developers and content providers, announced the production of a Narrowband – Internet of Things (NB-IoT) development board, to encourage and facilitate IoT innovations and developments in the country by the local developer community. NB-IoT is a standards-based, low power wide area (LPWA) technology deployed to enable a wide range of new IoT products and services while significantly improving the power consumption of user devices, system capacity and spectrum efficiency. The introduction of the board follows Dialog’s successful launch of South Asia’s first NB-IoT commercial network in October 2017, and is an opensource project, allowing users to create or build any NB-IoT based device, such as air quality sensors, water quality sensors, smart water flow meters or weather sensors, using one development board with reduced energy consumption and high network penetration. Moreover, the Board has an onboard NB-IoT/GSM/eMTC and GPS communication module, antennae for NB-IoT, SIM card slot and allows users to power/program the device using only a laptop USB port. Developers will no longer have to use a separate communication module in order to connect existing development boards to the NB-IoT network, making the development process more conducive, efficient and hassle-free, showcasing the Board’s uniqueness in its category. Additionally, the Board provides developers with a way to conduct further research and develop their products using NB-IoT as a communication technology, as well as test and debug them prior to production. Developed based on the SIM7000C and SIM7000E modules, as well as the Microcontroller ATMega328P, the Board is compatible with any shield compliant with the Arduino Uno pin layout. Further, the Board comes in an NB-IoT kit, containing additional accessories to get users started on projects, along with all the basic components needed to use the Board such as the NB-IoT and GPS antennae, programming cable and the quick start guide.
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Anthony Rodrigo, Group Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Architect, Dialog Axiata PLC said, “The growth and progress of IoT developments in the country largely rest on the ability for the developer community to create new and innovative products and solutions. The Dialog and Ideamart NB-IoT Development Board aims to provide developers, IoT makers and enthusiasts with accessible resources and tools to innovate and create at affordable prices, thereby advancing the IoT industry in Sri Lanka while facilitating new and inventive products to benefit developers and communities alike.” As a user of the NBIoT board, founder of Tech Katha, Kalinga Athulathmudali said, “I was impressed with the NB-IoT device from Dialog; the open source nature of it as well as how well thought out the entire ecosystem is. It's great to see a such a product from a telco where it helps the community to develop new technology, enabling easy adaptability.” The Board has been published on GitHub as an open source project and can be accessed via https://go.ideamart.io/NBIOTDevBoard. The Board and kit are also available for online purchase on www.aptinex.com/product/ideamart-nbiot-devboard/ and wow.lk. (Media Release)
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