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Disability Network

Nov 29, 2013 (LBO) - Members of Sri Lanka's Employers Federation of Ceylon, an association of large businesses has expanded a welcome to disabled in the island's former war zones.
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Disabled already working in participating companies had also related their experiences at the workshops.

EFC and member firms had held workshops in Sri Lanka's north and east to increase awareness that people with disabilities can engage in gainful work and that they should apply for jobs.

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EFC's 'Disability Network' which has operated for 13 years has placed over 500 disabled in employment and trained over 900 in information technology skills.

The network has 38 member organizations committed to bringing disabled to mainstream employment.

EFC says many disabled people think that they will not be accepted by firms because of their disability and so do not even attempt to apply for jobs.

"This misconception is sometimes further reinforced by members of their family and even some disabled organisations looking after such persons," EFC said.

"Many assumed that suitable jobs would be advertised specifically as Disabled Jobs™ and had no idea that an equal opportunities emp

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