Do Or Die

ldblquote Some of you will benefit, some won
quote t, some will have to close down, but the country
quote s economy will flourish as a result of the efficient financial sector
dblquote , he said opening the curtain raiser of the top level Financial Sector Reforms Forum today.

rnrnThe three-day forum has brought together the top local banking and investment personalities, in a ground breaking move to hammer out a reform plan for the nation.

rnrnMoragoda urged the financial community to regard reforms as a partnership between the government and the private sector. He urged businessmen present, to work towards changing adverse public opinion about private sector led initiatives.

rnrnldblquote We need to make people of this country believe that successful businesses will result in lower unemployment and higher living standards. We need to make them believe that privatisation will work
dblquote , he said.

rnrnFinancial community has to initiate actionable reform plans that are innovative and present them

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