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Donor Support

The World Bank said its funding for the North and East of the island could continue through an interim administration if the government so wished.
The bank, which upped its aid package by a further US$ 200 mn, recently said that all disbursement agreements have been drafted in a way that will allow for changes in the disbursement mechanism.
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rnThe Tokyo Declaration urged the Government to make progress in the area of an interim administrative structure.rn

rnThe World Bank says it would like their lending to support the peace process while contributing to development in the country.rn

rnldblquote The donor community is interested in the progress in the peace talks and bringing up the level of development in the war affected areas. It is now clear that the establishment of the Interim Administration is key to the peace talks, dblquote Peter Harrold, Country Director, World Bank said.

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rnldblquote We will work with whatever arrangement is put in place. We have explicitly written legal agreement

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