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Double Issue

The company plans to use the funds to help finance its two power projects in Matara and Horana.

rnThe group will issue Rs. 200 mn worth of two-year unsubordinated, unsecured and redeemable debentures with interest payable semi annually.

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A further Rs. 200 mn worth of four-year debentures with interest payable either annually or semi annually will also be issued.
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Both issues will be listed on the bourse quote s main board.

rnSubscriptions for the issue will open on March 26.

rnFitch Ratings Lanka Ltd. last year gave the group quote s short-term debt a SLAA rating. The rating denotes a very low expectation of credit risk and indicates very strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments.

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rnOn of the Group quote s subsidiaries Ace Power Generation Matara Ltd., will also issue Rs. 180 mn worth guaranteed, redeemable debentures on March 14. These debentures will be listed.

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rnThe Group began diversifying its activities into the power sector in 1996, to reduce its high exposure to tourism. rn

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