Doubly Victimized

Nov 14, 2010 (LBO) – Helpless women whose picture were posted on the internet by third parties have been further victimized and in at least one case forced to flee her home after police published their pictures in the media, a report said. Pornography falls in to a category of so-called ‘victimless crimes’ which many free countries have progressively de-criminalized. Last week Sri Lanka legalized gambling, another such activity, as part of efforts to develop the tourist industry.

Such laws have originally been based on an ‘offence’ principle though a victim who had been ‘harmed’ cannot be clearly identified.

In another recent incident police also arrested couples staying in 13 hotels in a provincial town.

Lakbimanews earlier report quoted a lecturer of Sri Lanka’s Colombo University, Prathiba Mahanma as saying that an arrested couple had once sought justice at Supreme Court.

Courts had had ruled that the marital status was not a consideration in their right to stay at a hotel, while adultery applied in divorce cases, only sex with people below 16 years of age was statutory rape, which is a crime, he said.

“Apprehending couples who are beyond the age limit required to stay in such rooms is a slight on the judiciary

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