Driving Class

March 07, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is trying to refine reckless bus drivers with a series of new classes that will hopefully improve driving skills and curb road rage.

A new drivers’ academy that has just been set up in Kottawa, with a curriculum to enhance drivers skills, efficiency and obedience of road rules, J M Somasiri, chairman of the western province road passenger transport authority, said.

Sri Lanka has a state-owned bus utility and thousands of buses operators who own one bus or two buses.

Privately owned buses frequently grab headlines with spectacular crashes that leave many people dead.

All private bus drivers and conductors are to also be registered with the academy, with plans to introduce provident funds for those registered, giving the jobs a stamp of permanency.

Registered drivers and conductors will also have yearly assessments that are compulsory,” Somasiri told journalists.

Any private bus owner that wants to recruit a driver and conductor will have to apply for registered two-member crew from the academy.

Somasiri says the new procedure will reduce the chances of private bus owners recruiting reckless dri

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