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E-sex bust

Apr.23 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's immigration authorities have closed an internet-based commercial sex service run by foreign nationals, in the first such operation, officials said. The service run by persons of Ukrainian origin, and solicited clients via the website, ended on April 12, after just two months of operations when sleuths from the Department of Immigration and Emigration busted the operation.

Commercial sex is illegal in Sri Lanka, but there is a well-entrenched industry which operates with little fanfare and the occasional police raid.

The up market niche of the industry, which use foreign sex-workers, has operations run by foreigners as well as locals.

Redlight had also placed an advertisement in the tourist publication, Explore Sri Lanka, which showed a part of a scantily-clad young Caucasian woman, together with a mobile phone number and web address.

We had to track them for several days before we found where they were operating from, says Immigration Officer Upali Kannangara who was part of the investigation team.

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