July 05, 2011 (LBO) – eChannelling, a listed Sri Lankan dotcom that enables patients to make appointments with doctors over the internet, has struck a deal with Millennium Information Technologies to enable doctors to treat patients remotely. The two companies will jointly provide remote healthcare services to the local and regional markets, a stock exchange filing said.

MIT, which is owned by the London Stock Exchange, will partner with eChannelling to set up a network on which doctors will be able to provide initial consultancy to the general public in Sri Lanka’s rural areas.

“Regional countries including the Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan would be considered as markets with immediate potential,” the statement said.

“This network will be able to commence recording the medical history of the patients which enable doctors to provide accurate and fast treatment to patients remotely.”

The statement said the new system will have several advantages including promoting doctors who are Colombo-centred to the rural areas as well as in regional countries.

Rural patients will have access to specialist doctors who are in large hospitals in the city through the system which will also enable patient’s diagnosis and