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Apr.04 (AFP) – Counter terrorism and anti-money laundering experts from South Asian nations began training with US experts in Colombo on Tuesday, the US embassy said. Some 40 South Asian regulators and lawmen from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka were attending the study sessions organised by the US department of justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The studies were also supported by Australia’s Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering and Britain’s Charities Commission, the embassy said in a statement.

The three day meeting would provide a forum for regional law enforcement professionals and fiscal authorities to share experience and tactics in combating the abuse of charities for terrorism, it said.

“The fight against terrorist financing demands an all encompassing approach, targeting not only terrorist groups but also the individuals, businesses, banks, criminal enterprises and charitable organisations that finance terrorism.” US ambassador Jeffrey Lunstead said.

“In the wake of a natural disaster such as the tsunami in Sri Lanka or the earthquake in Pakistan, honest contributors need to be sure their donations are not diverted

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