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Easy Financials

Feb 10, 2010 (LBO) – An accounting control software which only needs a web browser to access and operate an organization’s financial system has been developed jointly by UK-based Proteus Software and Kingslake of Sri Lanka. Kingslake Sri Lanka in partnership with IBM and a leading local telecommunications company would provide the software for a fixed monthly services fee, based on the number of users requiring access to the system.

Proteus Financials, the web based software which allows ease of access and availability to an organization’s accounting systems, is considered cost-effective as it does not need extra software downloads.

The software would allow Sri Lankan businesses to adopt the SaaS ˜Software as a Service’ concept.

œFlexibility and the cost-effectiveness to the business that an SaaS (pay as you need and go) model offers, makes it a winning combination, Proteus Software chief executive David Gray said

The software is aimed at mid- to large-sized organizations with multiple branches or with different types of businesses where they can log in online to access and update the data faster.

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