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Eco Drive

The six-month study will draw up an eco-tourism policy document for the country and the outlines for five pilot eco-tourism projects in the Southern region, Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Dr. P. Ramanujam said.rn

rnSri Lanka sustains some of Asias richest biodiversity and has been identified as a hotspot for nature and eco-travel.rn

rnIt is one of five countries with more than 10 percent of its land as protected forest and an ecologically diverse landscape changing through varied climatic zones from zero to 7200 feet within five hours.rn

rnIronically though, the potential for eco-tourism is still largely untapped with most development being ad-hoc.rn

rnThe most recent effort to streamline development was a master plan by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) to develop the Trincomalee district.rn

rnDevelopment has been largely shut out of the region due to a two-decade ethnic war, but has often been sought after for its sun, sand and incredible beaches. rn

rnIt is also the source of Sri

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