Education Venture

Jan 29, 2008 (LBO) – A top apparel group in Sri Lanka has started an education institute to boost soft skills in English, information technology and apparel manufacture to the bridge gap in the island's education system. "My vision is to see Sri Lanka recognized as a destination for knowledge and innovation within the next five years," MAS group chief Mahesh Amalean said.

"This is one step towards that goal, he said

Sri Lanka's education system churns out thousands of unemployable graduates each year who have to be given free jobs in the already bloated government sector.

Meanwhile, the country is largely kept afloat by school dropouts and people who cannot enter the state funded state universities who work in tea estates and garment factories.

Attempts to reform the education system has failed due to political resistance, though some headway has been made in engineering and IT areas at tertiary level.

Meanwhile private education has already mushroomed in information technology, accounting and even primary schooling.

The education unit of the MAS group, MAS Institute of Management and Technology (MIMT) is in Thulhirya, 80 kilometers outside Colombo on land which used to house a state te

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