EFL 40th Anniversary: Celebrating milestones and looking to the future


The Environmental Foundation (Guarantee) Limited (EFL), Sri Lanka’s first public interest organization working on environmental protection and conservation celebrated its 40th anniversary on 3rd August. 

Speaking to mark this special occasion Dr. Eric Wikramanayake, Chairperson of the organization said EFL was incorporated in 1981 to fill a much needed gap of combining the science and law in efforts to seek justice for nature. “Since its inception, EFL has come a long way and today with the development drive in Sri Lanka, EFL’s role in conservation efforts remains relevant,” he added.

EFL is an organization that was founded on the philosophy that science and law go hand in hand and it vision is to become the front runner in the protection of the environment, both reactive and proactive. It has been able to adapt and change with time and plan to continue to carry out deep research and deep dive into the environmental conservation related issues around the island.

To celebrate the occasion EFL is organising a series of events and activities. They include a video series featuring interviews with founders and directors of EFL along with some eminent environmentalists in the country that will focus on environmental conservation and their connection to EFL and how they have worked with organization.

There will also be the 40th anniversary celebrations, legacy publication, a picturesque expedition of EFL’s journey, its momentous history and its significant achievements. There will be the art and photography competition which is organized with the objective to engage the youth as well as the mature audiences and to create a platform to express their views on the environment and its composite elements from an artistic viewpoint.

Shiromi Rajendra, Chief Executive Officer, EFL says she is honoured to be associated with an organisation so dedicated to the protection and preservation of the natural environments. “EFL boasts of a rich 40-year legacy of impactful actions, opportunities optimised, and challenges overcome through sheer will and tenacity of spirit.” “An organisation grows and ages, and there are ebbs and flows just like in human life. Currently, EFL is at an exciting juncture of moving towards the next growth phase and we are proud to be involved in paving the way to make EFL stronger and take its legacy forward.”

Successful judicial interventions by EFL include the Eppawala phosphate mining case, the Galle Face Green privatization case and litigation against the proposed Sampur Coal Power Plant which were resolved in the Supreme Court. 

EFL’s Founding members are Iranganie Serasinghe, Arjun Gunaratne. Aravinda de Silva, Dhilshad Sideek , Thusitha Paranagama, R.L De Alwis, Charles Rohan de Alwis, Ravi Algama, Lalanath de Silva

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