Ele House Brew

Brewing through the synergies of John Keells and Elephant House is a ready to drink tea product that could hit the local market in end 2003. Tested and developed under the conglomerates tea marketing arm endash Gordon Frazer & Company, the firm is currently testing its brew, sources close to the firm told Lanka Business Online. It is understood that Gordon Frazer senior management is on a fund raising expedition within the group to find up to Rs. 2 million in seed capital for a pilot plant. Initial estimates also indicate the firm will need an additional Rs. 30 million for a small scale plant if trails prove successful. Gordon Frazer will ride on Elephant Houses bottling infrastructure with a few specialized additions. The product is also likely to come under the bottler, complementing its existing range of soft drinks. It is also understood that Gordon Frazers ready to drink tea will be promoted primarily in overseas markets. Gordon Frazer in October 2002 launched Fresh Thoughts range of teas, its champion targeting middle and high income households. Fresh Thoughts was launched just as the heat from launch of Ran Kahata, the companys value for money segment product earlier in 2002 was cooling off.
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