Embark’s new Christmas concept – product range a call to ‘Love the Fashion, Feel the Passion’


This season, Embark, the unique fashion label with a cause, has promised ‘a shopping experience from the heart’ with a refreshingly sincere Christmas campaign involving its people, and a product range that reflects the compassion and commitment that the programme is all about.
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Faces from Embark’s very own team, along with passionate individuals who are committed to make a difference in society, make up the visual manifestations of this theme, and the brand’s seasonal collection, while being trendy and on par with international trends, provides a distinctive platform for the fashion-conscious to combine style with their desire to change the world for the better. Announcing the new Christmas collection, Embark said customers are invited to join the heart - warming cause, ‘Love the Fashion, Feel the Passion’ along with the brand’s 2015 seasonal range of fun slogan t-shirts and other trendy clothing and accessories designed to usher in the festive season in style. With a classic red and white colour palette as its basis, the new collection of clothing is supplemented by a pooch-inspired assemblage of Christmas décor items, wrapping paper and cards intended to stir the spirit of the season, as well as the Embark Gift vouchers that will make an ideal gift during the season. In addition, the much-loved 2016 Embark Calendar launched simultaneously with the Christmas Collection promises to keep fans engaged throughout the year in keeping its perennial theme of Fashion and Passion.
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Embark’s colourful media campaign to support the new collection takes the unpretentious approach of featuring ‘pashionable’ staff members and volunteers instead of professional models. “We want to celebrate the people who are the strength behind the cause,” Embark creator Otara Gunewardene says.
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“Embark is driven by the passion, empathy and commitment of  people, people who want to see change in society where our street dogs are accepted as part of our community and where all animals are treated with respect in our country.
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 Christmas is the perfect time to recognise their engagement although it is part of our lives all year round.
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” On Social Media (www.facebook.com/Embarklk and (www.facebook.com/Otaradel), Embark has unveiled a host of Christmas specials for the season, such as ‘Rozzy’s Christmas recipes’ and ‘Niko’s Christmas hacks,’ Christmas gift ideas and other engaging content to spread the spirit of the season using the names of the canine mascots that have inspired many Embark clothing and accessories collections over the years. For those who are motivated by the spirit of giving that is synonymous with Christmas, Embark has launched donation cards priced at Rs.
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500 and Rs. 1000. All of the money collected through these cards will go towards the treatment of special needs pooches.
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All Embark products including the latest Christmas collection can be purchased at Odel stores at Alexandra Place and ‘K Zone’ Ja-Ela, and from the brand’s own independent stores at 38, Dickman’s Road, Colombo 5, the Galle Fort, Kandy City Centre and the Departures Terminal of the Bandaranaike International Airport. (press release) 
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