Emirates to use polar route in fuel saving flight

Dec 11, 2008 (LBO) – Emirates Airline plans to launch a non-stop direct flight from Dubai to San Francisco in the United States using a polar route to test ways to save fuel and reduce harmful carbon emissions. Emirates said in a statement it worked closely with government agencies in Dubai, Russia, Iceland, Canada and the US and other countries to plot what it called an ‘environment flight’.

The 16-hour flight on December 15 would possibly help save an estimated 2,000 gallons of fuel and 30,000 pounds of carbon emissions, it said.

The flight will cross near the North Pole following a long-term programme of tests and negotiations involving various governments and manufacturers.

“Emirates aided in the process by operating three flights over the polar region to evaluate the route and operating conditions and ultimately facilitate use of the air space corridor, called Polar Routes,” the airline said.

To ensure a more fuel-efficient route, the flight will use routes within Russian airspace.

The predominant traffic flows across northern Europe are west-east.

But Emirates said that since 2001 it has worked closely with the Russian Federal Air Navigation Authority to optimize the struc