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Eshan Pieris: Ready to race towards glory at GT World Challenge ’24

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Sri Lankan racing sensation Eshan Pieris is on the brink of a remarkable 2024 racing season. With a string of victories and a legacy that precedes him, Eshan gears up for the upcoming GT World Challenge Asia 2024, marking a significant chapter in his illustrious career.

As a key member of the Absolute Racing family, alongside teammates Anderson Haryanto and Dorian Boccolacci, he commenced the season with an outstanding performance at the 12 hours of Sepang, securing second place overall and first in class.

This triumph sets the stage for the GT World Challenge Asia 2024, where Eshan is poised to leave his mark on the prestigious series. With a rich history in racing, he has consistently showcased his prowess on the track, from winning the X30 Senior Class in the Macau International Kart Grand Prix 2017 to securing Sri Lanka’s first F3 win in 2019.

As the son of racing icon, David Pieris, Eshan has continued to ascend the ranks, solidifying his status as one of the most promising drivers in the competitive racing world despite coming into it at later age of 14 as opposed to other drivers in his league who have being training from a meagre age of 5 onward.

The upcoming Fanatec GT World Challenge Asia powered by AWS represents a monumental milestone for Eshan as he embarks on his first full season in the series.

Spanning from April 20 at the Sepang International Circuit to September 15 at the Shanghai International Circuit, the tour promises exhilarating competition across various renowned tracks in Asia.

His preparation for the tour is meticulous and comprehensive. While familiar tracks offer a sense of comfort, he acknowledges the challenge posed by unfamiliar circuits, particularly in Japan.

To bridge this gap, Eshan dedicates extensive hours to simulator training, ensuring he is well-equipped for any track he encounters. Beyond simulator sessions, he prioritizes his health and fitness regimen, recognizing the
physical demands of racing.

From clean eating to diverse physical activities such as surfing and
water skiing, Eshan maintains peak physical condition to endure the rigors of racing. His disciplined approach extends to monitoring performance metrics and recovery, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being in maximizing his potential on the track.

Navigating the intensity of GT World Challenge requires unwavering focus and resilience. Eshan emphasizes the mental fortitude required to sustain peak performance throughout the season, especially amidst the relentless competition and high-stakes races.

He presses on the significance of staying composed under pressure, ensuring optimal performance in every stint behind the wheel.

Amid the race, Eshan says he clears his mind of distractions to focus solely on the task at hand. "When I'm behind the wheel, I try not to think about anything else and go with the flow" he confides.

Unlike endurance races where there's more time to strategize and plan, sprint races demand quick thinking and decisive action. The competition in a 90-minute sprint race is particularly intense, as he explains.

With a shorter duration, there's limited time to capitalize on opportunities, and the crowded field of cars adds another layer of complexity. "In a shorter race, every moment counts," Eshan observes. "With so many cars on the track, finding an opening to make your move becomes even more
challenging. It's a constant battle for position, and you have to seize every opportunity that comes your way."

However, Eshan’s journey represents more than individual success; it is a testament to Sri Lanka’s growing presence in the global racing arena. For him, each race is an opportunity to showcase his talent and represent his nation with pride. While podium finishes and accolades are undoubtedly motivating, his ultimate goal transcends individual achievements.

He aspires to leave a lasting legacy, cementing his place among the elite in motorsport and paving the way for future generations of Sri Lankan racers.
Amidst the intensity of pre-race preparations, there's a ritual that offers drivers a moment of solace: music.

For Eshan, listening to music before a race is a form of meditation, a way to
center himself amidst the chaos. "Music has a calming effect on me," he shares. "It helps me focus and get into the right mindset before hitting the track."

With these elements intertwined, Eshan Pieris epitomizes the modern racing driver—a blend of physical prowess, mental acuity, and unwavering determination. As he embarks on his journey in the GT World Challenge Asia 2024, he carries with him not only the hopes of a nation but also
the collective spirit of the racing community.

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