Essential fuel saving tips you should know


The price of petrol and diesel are at a constant rise and it’s more important than ever to start saving fuel. Here are some essential ways you can save fuel and the burden it carries on your wallet.

  1. Drive Efficiently

Save money on fuel by altering the way you drive. By braking or accelerating too hard, taking sharp turns or anything similar, you’re consuming more fuel than needed. When you use the accelerator gently the engine consumes much less fuel. If your car has a number of driving modes, select the eco-friendly or comfort option, which will ensure you use less fuel, as compared to the sports mode. Planning your trip ahead is another way to drive efficiently. By minimizing short trips to your store, the energy required to start the engine up each time is lesser as well. Look for the easiest, less crowded route to follow to your destination, as this will also save money on fuel.

  1. Avoid Rush Hour

As mentioned in the previous point, avoid driving on congested roads; i.e. avoid rush hour as much as possible. An idle car consumes much more fuel than one that’s constantly on the move. By sitting too long in your car during rush hour, it also means you’re A.C. and radio are switched on for a longer time too, which eventually means a higher fuel consumption.

  1. Credit Card Offers

Seylan Bank has a special offer just so you can save money on fuel. When you re-fuel your car on the 1st and 3rdFriday of each month, from now until December 31st 2018, you’ll save Rs.10 for every litre when you pay with your credit card. Remember that this offer is only valid when you pump at your local station between 4pm to 8pm.

  1. Maintenance

Keeping your car properly maintained is crucial as not only does it save you money from technical breakdowns but your car will run more smoothly when it’s been cleaned. Vehicles that are properly maintained runs better and when it runs better, it also uses much less fuel.

  1. Tyres

Did you know the life expectancy of your vehicles heavily depends on your tyres and how well they’re maintained? Something as simple as maintaining the right tyre pressure according to your vehicle type will ensure your vehicle is in a good working condition, making it efficient and saving you on fuel wastage.

By adhering to these 5 tips, you will be able to save more money on fuel every day! What are you waiting for?