Europe freeze strands travellers, cuts power

BERLIN, January 10, 2010 (AFP) - The Arctic freeze gripping Europe left hundreds of people stuck in vehicles in deep snow or stranded at airports with scores of flights cancelled and power cuts to thousands of homes on Sunday.

The treacherous conditions cut off villages in northern Germany and on the Baltic islands, and disrupted rail traffic with Eurostar still only able to run two out of three trains under the English Channel.

The weather, blamed on a rare depression that forecasters labelled "Daisy", unleashed blizzards in north Germany that left motorways, other roads and railways impassable at certain points.

Hundreds found themselves stuck in their cars and lorries in snow, or in trains, overnight, authorities said.
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"The situation is not expected to get any better today. Throughout Germany accidents continue to happen, with cars and trucks at right angles blocking the roads," Maxi Hartung from the German Automobile Association (ADAC) said.

"Daisy" dumped even more snow on Germany during Sunday, particularly in the northeast, and forecasters warned of more to come overnight and all day Monday, with heavy snow showers expected to spread southwards.

School was cancelled for Monday in Mecklenbur

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