Faith Healing

Chandi Dharmaratne

The role faith plays in generating pro poor growth is difficult to measure but most agree such a connection exists as religions promote the highest of human values, reject violence and direct followers to create a just world. In a multi cultural and multi religious society like Sri Lanka however, interfaith harmony is needed for faith to play a positive role in development.

Some argue the introduction of anti conversion laws that are threatening interfaith harmony, will create a new front in the already fractured society and deny any positive effect religion will have on the development agenda.

Thought driven by ethnic and cultural biases that novelist D. H. Lawrence called a “primordial attachment” or “thinking with the blood” can be disastrous for a multi cultural and multi religious country like Sri Lanka.

In the worst cases primordial attachment has led to ethnic cleansing when little value is attached to human life, leaving economies decimated and attracting an international branding as a pariah state.

Asia is a blend of cultures and religions in contrast to the secular West.

The melting pot or secular approach adopted in America has helped racially integrate diverse migrant groups under one