Filling Gaps

A fast track program to give non-tech graduates jobs in the IT field has paid off, with a first batch of students finding full time work in top companies.

The four month program by the Moratuwa University gives graduates from other fields marketable skills like computer programming, web design, networking and business know how.

Surveys show that about 4300 IT graduates were needed in 2005, but only 3600 qualified graduates were available to fill the jobs, the US Embassy said in a statement on Wednesday.

Eleven graduates have just found full time work under the Rapid Information Technology Conversion Program funded by the US Agency for International Development.

œThis is a much needed program, Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma, Dean of the Faculty of IT at the Moratuwa University, said in the statement.

œThese graduates can boost their careers by entering a well paid profession that will continue to provide employment opportunities for years into the future.

Corporations offering partial corporate sponsorships to students include Virtusa Corporation, Millennium IT, hSenid, IFS and Eurocenter, among others.

-LBO Newsdes

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