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Finance Minister requests the public to deposit or sell foreign currency notes in possession

In order to attract foreign currency held with the public into the banking system, the Minister of Finance has issued an Order granting an amnesty period of 1 month effective from 15.08.2022 for persons in, or resident in, Sri Lanka who hold foreign currency notes in possession to:

i. Deposit into a Personal Foreign Currency Account or into a Business Foreign Currency Account as specified in the Order, as applicable; or
ii. Sell to an Authorized Dealer (Licensed Commercial Bank or National Savings Bank).

Further information on the above can be accessed by:

a. Contacting any Licensed Commercial Bank or National Savings Bank.

b. Referring the Order under Section 8 of the Foreign Exchange Act published in the Gazette (Extraordinary) Notification No.

2293/07 dated 15.08.2022 via the official website of the Department of Foreign Exchange,
c. Contacting the Foreign Exchange Department through 011-2477255, 011-2398511 and

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