Regional Heads of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) are attending a two day workshop starting Tuesday to draw an outline for the Organisations future activities in the Asian region.
Twenty five regional countries are represented, and will allow for the delegates to identify emerging issues and problem areas along with possible remedies for them. rn

rnThe group will also discuss on knowledge and technical expertise sharing in combating IP violation. rn

rnMeanwhile, the local office will step up its activities, promoting a culture supportive of creative thinking and to strike a proper balance between a developing countrys needs and the interest of the patent owner. rn

rnOfficials say the programmes will also tell people to respect and help protect patented ideas, which would foster the development of more ideas rn

rnSenior officials with the local offices say WIPO funds will be available for the educational drive. rn

rnThe concept of IP will also be taken to the small and medium

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