First Capital records PAT of Rs. 1.07bn in 19/20 amidst challenging market conditions

First Capital Holdings PLC (the Group) the only listed investment bank in Sri Lanka, recorded a Consolidated Profit after Tax of  LKR 1.07Bn for the year 2019/20, amidst negative headwinds that saw Sri Lanka, reporting subpar economic growth for the third consecutive year. The results show a significant growth compared to LKR 8Mn in the previous year.  First Capital, with an impressive history of over 35 years, has total assets of LKR 45.6Bn and Equity in excess of LKR 4Bn.

The Group recorded a Total Comprehensive Income of LKR 1.04Bn for the year, a significant increase from  Comprehensive Loss of LKR 20Mn recorded in 2018/19.

“Our ability to deliver impressive results even in tough times, is a testament to the Group’s robust operating model.  I am convinced that the ongoing emphasis placed on strengthening each of our core businesses and firming up their positions within their immediate operating domain, has been a critical success factor for the Group”, commented Chairman, First Capital Holdings PLC, Nishan Fernando.

The Group’s Primary Dealer contributed LKR 1.2Bn (2018/19 – LKR 96Mn) Profit after Tax for the year, claiming a substantial volume-based market share in both the primary auctions as well as in the secondary market during the financial year.

Capitalising on the potential in the listed and unlisted debt market, the Corporate Finance division mobilised LKR 42Bn for its clients through structuring and placement of corporate debt securities, generating a fee income of LKR 175Mn (2018/19 – LKR 69Mn).

The Wealth Management division of the Group, made remarkable progress to deliver its best financial results to date, reporting a fee income of LKR 64Mn (2018/19 – LKR 33Mn).  The division showed a significant growth in its assets under management to end with LKR 26.4Bn as at 31st  March 2020 (31st March 2019 – LKR 5.9Bn).

Furthermore, the Company’s benchmark unit trust, the First Capital Money Market Fund was the best-performing unit trust fund in the country in 2019/20.

The Group’s Stock Brokering unit also recorded revenue of LKR 71Mn for the year 2019/20 (2018/19 – LKR 53Mn).

“While the last 12 months have been challenging for many local businesses, several aspects of our immediate operating environment worked in our favour; we are looking ahead and focusing our efforts on improving efficiency across all businesses to deliver enhanced results to our valued stakeholders’, commented Director/Chief Executive Officer, First Capital Holdings PLC, Dilshan Wirasekara.

The Group’s [SL]A- credit rating was reaffirmed by ICRA Lanka Limited, reconfirming the stability of the Group. First Capital Holdings PLC paid a total dividend of LKR 9 per share for 2019/20 totaling to LKR 911Mn.

(Media Release)

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