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Colombo is unusual for a capital city in having a large number of wetlands.rnAround Kotte for example a number of wetlands still remain.rnBut these natural assets are deteriorating by the day. rn
While in developed countries billions are being spent on re-creating nature reserves to enhance the quality of life of city dwellers, Sri Lankans are still decades behind, destroying the natures treasures.rn

rnLittle Mongolian plovers fly thousands of miles from their summer nesting grounds in North Asia to get to the little wetland behind the parliament in Kotte.rn

rnThere are also larger resident purple coots in the Kotte wetlands. rn

rnFor hundreds if not thousands of years, migrating birds have come to this place from the far corners of the world. rn

rnIt is also home to many resident species of birds and other flora and fauna.rn

rnBirds such as purple coot are plentiful. Sandpipers can be observed close at hand.

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rnIt is located in the heart of the administrative capital in Kotte. Ver

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