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Forward March

John Keells Holdings is expected to notch a Rs. 1.69 bn net profit for 2004, after undergoing a restructuring exercise to improve its margins.
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The diversified conglomerate, has just finished a restructuring study by the Boston Consultancy Group, which has highlighted areas to exploit greater synergies and improve operating margins.


rnFollowing the intense lquote inward looking exercise, HNB Stockbrokers forecasts JKHs net profits to grow 27.9 percent to Rs. 1.692 bn, over a Rs. 20.873 bn (up 24.4 percent) in turnover for the 2004 financial year.

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rnDespite a hefty Rs. 755 mn early retirement package, JKHs net profits have risen 19 percent to Rs.

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1.03 bn, with a fully diluted EPS of Rs.

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3.45 for the first nine months. rn

rnldblquote Our full year profit forecast for FY 2004 is at Rs. 1.69 bn, including the contribution from Asian Hotels, dblquote says analyst Hasitha Premaratne.

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rnVoluntary Retirement Schemes in Ceylon Cold Stores, John Keells Ltd and Lanka Marine Services, has taken a qui

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