Framing a fresh narrative of South Asian Luxury at CFW

Luxury edition by CFW focuses on refreshing the luxury narrative which is relevant to Sri Lanka and South Asia. This narrative is presented in a conversation on sustainable luxury called Luxury Talks.

‘Luxury Talks’ is set to be held on the 16th of November 2022, at 6.45PM at Galle Face Hotel’s 1864 fine dining restaurant. The discussion will be followed by cocktails and serves as a prelude to CFW’s ‘Luxury Edition’ runway show, happening on the very next day.

The discussion will feature two personalities who create luxury products for both local and international markets. Mr Sanjay Baid, Managing Director of Diamond Cutters, the 5th largest supplier of Diamonds to the global market, will join Mr Akram Cassim, the Managing Director of Colombo Jewellery Stores, one of the most progressive luxury brands in Sri Lanka to share their perspectives. The discussion will be moderated by Ms. Angeline Ondaatjie, Executive Director, Mercantile Investments and Finance Plc.

This duo who creates highly crafted luxury products based in Sri Lanka will share their journey, challenges faced and opportunities presented before them in a bid to encourage designers to focus on resources available in the country to create luxury products which are high in value.

“The narrative of luxury is very relevant to South Asia. For centuries, artisans devoted time and effort to perfecting their crafts over generations. If the new generation of designers relooks at what luxury is about, they will understand their heritage and foster a new found renaissance of the same. Luxury Talks hopes to encourage designers to revisit and enhance their craft and take it to the next level, eventually resulting in design entrepreneurship. I am hopeful that this will result in a reduction of brain drain, ultimately leading to the Sri Lankan economy being uplifted through the concept of luxury,” said Ajai Vir Singh, Founder and Managing Director of CFW.

‘Luxury Talks’ will be followed by the ‘Luxury Edition’ event which will bring forth the importance of craftsmanship in sustainable and responsible luxury products for local and international markets. CFW looks forward to broadening the perspective of Sri Lankan design entrepreneurs to create high-value design products.

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