France heads for a long Indian summer

PARIS, April 10, 2010 (AFP) - India is flavour of the month in France with the spotlight swerving from the fairytale world of maharajas to tribal craftsmen in a buildup to a year-long celebration of one of the world's richest and most diverse cultures.
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A recent exhibition of priceless autochrome colour photographs nearly 100 years old drew more than 100,000 visitors -- a record for the Albert Kahn museum in Paris -- captivating visitors with everyday scenes and palace life in a country whose native rulers behaved like God.
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That was followed by an ongoing show at the Fondation Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent again showcasing the wildly decadent universe of the erstwhile ruling class who squandered millions a night at gaming tables in Nice and Biarritz, and ordered priceless jewellery from top Parisian bijoutiers.

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The Maharaja exhibition focuses on the fabulous clothes and jewelry they sported, some acquired for sums equalling the budget of a small present-day nation.

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A case in point is the famed Patiala necklace ordered by the king of a former princely state in northern India -- the most expensive order ever handled by the House of Cartier.

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The pendulous multi-layered art deco necklace delivered in 1928 comprised nearly 3,000 di

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