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Fresh Hopes

Consultants hired by the government have recommended sweeping changes to the current interconnection regime between telecom operators.
The draft interconnection agreement by Honk Kong based Arculli and Associates has been opened for comment and feedback from the industry before a final version is adopted.

rnAccording to the draft agreement dominant operator SLT will have to open up a large part of their resources to other operators under rights of way agreements.rn

rnThe draft also recommends a benchmark interconnection fee of between 17 to 82 cents per second for local and national calls.rn

rnSri Lanka telecom which concluded an IPO just weeks ago will also be required to offer its value added services to customers of other networks including directory services and operator assisted calls.rn

rnWireless local loop and Mobile operators have been asking for more rights of way privileges that will allow them to use each others spare capacity for a fee.rn

rnThe interconnection regime once fina

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