From E to C-commerce

Electronic commerce is making a splash in the apparel sector. Modern garment factories are sharing a lot of data with their suppliers and customers.
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Whats different is that there is very little human interaction in the whole process. E-commerce is also doing a lot more than simply saving money for these businesses.rn

rnIt has become something they cant do without. Experts say what started in the garments sector will soon spread to other industries in Sri Lanka as well.rn

rnVery few businesses would allow their customers to access their computer systems directly. But in some competitive industries like Garments this is already happening.rn

rnSome factories are now allowing their foreign buyers direct access to their computer systems to check everything from production schedules to the bar codes.rn

rnThe IT industry calls this collaborative commerce. And it has taken the local garment industry by storm. Factories exchange data with buyers electronically, which is dubbed to be faster

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