Funding The Old

The government will shortly send a call out for a chief executive officer to head a newly created office on Pension Reforms.
Spearheaded by the Superannuation Reforms Taskforce under the Financial Sector Reforms Committee, the new pensions office will suggests methods to steer the reform programme through.

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rnThe mandate covers an entire gamut of reforms including the feasibility of introducing a islandwide Superannuation Scheme with due consideration to portability, self-financing, freedom of choice, effective new regulation and so on, within the context of a redefined/redesigned pension model.rn

rnldblquote The main thrust of the reforms would be to set up a sustainable superannuation system based on private savings, dblquote says Central Banks Deputy Governor, W A Wijewardene who also heads the Superannuation Reforms Taskforce.rn

rnThe taskforce also includes industry experts like Chandra Jayaratne (CEO Eagle Insurance), Ravi Abeysuriya (CEO Fitch Ratings Lanka), Deva Ellepola (CEO HNB Stoc

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