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Future Proof

Speaking to LBO, Intel quote s GM endash Channels South Asia, Amar Babu said though Sri Lanka was behind Bangladesh in terms of sales, it was the fastest growing market in the region.
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rn rnldblquote With the recent political changeover in Sri Lanka, we expect demand to grow significantly. dblquote

rnrnIntel is also pursuing a campaign with its local partners in Sri Lanka to educate the public on the benefits of choosing the latest technology.

rnrnldblquote Spending a little more to obtain the latest technology will ensure that your computer gives you the best results for longer. dblquote

rnrnIntel officials are banking on the fact that with new IT oriented education and work processes, computer users would demand for faster and more efficient computers.

rnrnldblquote We want to support this process by being available in the market facilitating from an early stage. dblquote

rnrnIn addition, with leading software manufactures putting out high capacity application like Windows XP and the populari

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