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The authors, Dr. Anila Dias Bandaranaike, D Wasantha and T M Z Mustaliph of the Central Banks Statistics Dept. have developed a methodology to compile provincial GDP numbers at current factor cost prices from 1996-2000. The present estimates are compiled with a one-year lag.
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rnProvincial shares of national GDP are important yardsticks to measure the level and size of the economy in a particular province. The data clearly elucidates an uneven distribution of GDP among provinces.

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rnThe findings indicates a considerable disparity in the distribution of achievements such as health, education within the country, when viewed in terms of per capita GDP, productivity and regional distribution of GDP by economic sectors.rn

rnHaving dominated throughout, the Western Province contributes 46 percent of national GDP during the period. Western Provinces share continuously from 43 percent in 1996, to 49 percent in 2000 at an average rate 3.3 percent per annum.rn

rnIn terms of GDP contributors, the study grou

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