Gateway To Success

Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

Experts say the country will have to diversify its export base in the face of stiff price competition from other large exporters like China.
Some companies have already started going higher up the export value chain, franchising local IT development skills to the international market.rn

rnGateway Institutes Kids Computer School for Kids is pioneering in this direction. Their Kids training program tied up with the NCC of UK and recognised internationally now brings royalty to Gateway.rn

rnGateway Computer School for Kids tries to cement basic IT skills in children, important to give them to get a head start.rn

rn”It is a very important tool. It is important for children to learn skills rather than trying to do too sophisticated things. What ever you teach it need to be age appropriate, rather than teaching packages and languages,” says Dr. H K Alles, Gateway Kids School of Computing.rn

rnChildren here learn how to operate PCs from switching one on to having fun using them rather than learn spe