Generous Hand

Sri Lanka is lined up for a ’80 5.5 mn assistance package from the European Commission (EC) to resettle and rehabilitate over 270,000 displaced people.
The funds will help nearly 250,000 displaced people rebuild their livelihoods and improve living conditions of 27,000 internally displaced persons in welfare centres, said a press release from the EU office in Colombo.rn

rnSome of the funds will also go towards improving access to health care and nutrition for 60 000 refugees living in camps in Tamil Nadu – mainly women and children.rn

rnAn estimated 800,000 people were internally displaced as a result of the armed conflict in the island between 1983 endash 2002. rn

rnAnother 100,000 are estimated to have fled to India and around 60,000 of theses refugees are now living in refugee camps in the province of Tamil Nadu. rn

rnAfter the February 2002 ceasefire agreement more than 345,000 internally displaced persons from the north and north-east of Sri Lanka returned to their homes. rn