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Geographical Indication (GI) status for Ceylon Cinnamon attracts Turkish market

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Turkey initiated a programme to promote Ceylon Cinnamon aggressively in Turkey after obtaining the European Union Geographical Indication status for Ceylon Cinnamon.

The Embassy in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board organized a networking and briefing session on Sri Lankan Spices, including Ceylon Cinnamon, to major Turkish supply chain distributors , retailers engaged in the spice sector in Turkey, representatives of Turkish Spice Packaged Spice Producers Association (ABUDER), trade chambers and Turkish media on 16 June 2022 at the Chancery Premises.

During his brief remarks to the gathering, Ambassador M. Rizvi Hassen spoke of the quality and distinctiveness of Ceylon Cinnamon. He highlighted the importance of obtaining the Geographical Indication for Ceylon Cinnamon, stating that Sri Lankan cinnamon exporters could supply quality Ceylon Cinnamon to the Turkish market. Responding to inquiries from the representatives of trade chambers and Turkish importers on connecting Sri Lankan producers with the Turkish importers, Ambassador Hassen indicated that the Embassy will organize B2B sessions to link Sri Lankan exporters with Turkish importers. Many participants showed interest in obtaining more information about Ceylon Cinnamon suppliers.

A presentation by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board and an attractive short video on the processing the Ceylon Cinnamon was shown to gathering.

Secretary General of the Spice Packaged Spice Producers Association (ABUDER) Aysegul Keskin Aydin, representatives of Ankara Chamber of Industry, leading  spice importers, retailers and a large number of media personalities attended the event.

The Embassy will continue to organize similar events in major cities in Turkey and also hold briefings on Sri Lanka coconut based products in the near future.

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Lakdil Wickrama Arachchi
Lakdil Wickrama Arachchi
1 year ago

How can we find a Turkish businessman for cinnamon export business? Please help

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