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Germany adds zest to Ceylinco Life’s ‘Family Savari 9’ promotion


The four Ceylinco Life Family Savari Brand Ambassadors with the company’s Managing Director/CEO Mr R. Renganathan (extreme right) and Director/Deputy CEO Mr Thushara Ranasinghe (left) at the launch of Family Savari 9

Ceylinco Life has stimulated fresh interest in its ‘Family Savari’ mega promotion with the announcement today that five policyholders and their families will win an all-expenses-paid holiday in Germany as the grand prize of the 2016 edition of this annual extravaganza. The addition of an exciting and aspirational new destination each year has become a feature of the Family Savari experience offered by the life insurance market leader to policyholders. In the eighth edition of the Family Savari earlier this year, the new destination was Switzerland, and in 2014 it was Japan. The second prize in Ceylinco Life’s Family Savari 9 will be a holiday in Dubai for 10 policyholders and their families. Another 50 policyholder families will be chosen for the customary holiday in Singapore, while another 500 families will spend a full day at the Leisure World theme park courtesy of Ceylinco Life. In all, 2,260 people win overseas holidays or a local excursion from Ceylinco Life every year. The total number of people benefitted by the Family Savari promotion to date exceeds 15,000. Reprising their roles as brand ambassadors for Family Savari 9 are the Sri Lankan actors SriyanthaMendis, Sanjeewani Weerasinghe and RoshanRanawana and his wife Kushlani who endorse and actively participate in the Savari programmes. Speaking at the launch of Family Savari 9, Ceylinco Life Managing Director/CEO R. Renganathan said: “The excitement of the Family Savari programme never wanes, as new destinations are added each year and new generations of policyholders come together to celebrate the life, love and protection they enjoy as customers of Ceylinco Life.” He said the Family Savari programme epitomises the commitment and passion of Ceylinco Life to promote life insurance and reward the company’s policyholders. “It is one of the largest and most logistically-challenging interactive promotions conducted by a corporate entity in Sri Lanka, and is by far the largest promotion in the local insurance industry,” Mr Renganathan said.
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“It also has multiple impacts by uniting and promoting interaction among people from many walks of life and from every district of Sri Lanka.
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” The promotion period for Family Savari 9 runs from September to December 2015, during which all active long term Ceylinco Life policyholders as well as holders of Ceylinco Life Retirement Accounts (CRAs) can earn multiple winning chances that increase with the age of their policies. Emphasising the value of loyalty, policyholders will receive one additional winning chance for every year they have been with Ceylinco Life, up to a maximum of 10 winning chances for those who have been active policyholders for a decade or more. Additionally, policyholders who have paid a minimum of three premiums using direct payment methods (such as bank standing orders) will receive an additional winning chance. A mid-promotion draw is scheduled for mid-November 2015, and the grand draw will take place in January 2016 to select winners, the company said.
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The market leader in Sri Lanka’s life insurance sector since 2004, Ceylinco Life has more than a million lives covered by active policies. The company is acknowledged as the benchmark for innovation in the local insurance industry for its work in product research and development, customer service, professional development and corporate social responsibility. (Media Release)
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